say goodbye to all the love
with all your lies
you've wrapped it up
so close and tight
but where does it breathe
how does it move 
when all that you've done
is burn the bridges
and climb to the
greed and dishonest
of heights
hang your blood
and to be glad is to have
you no longer in sight
you're hung
your blood
you're hung
your blood

every day like rain
closer and closer
oceans soul

a dream
floating around
sweet sounds of your hands
the fire and warmth
we're home
now row
row and row
our boat until we are old

shadow flights
drift with the wind
adventure within
sing to me alone
over and under
city lights
naked eyes
you speak lullabies
heart to heart
far or apart
our backs

the smiles
the miles
to touch 
trees and trees
shine like the moon
shine like the sun
deep blue
I don't know

never fear your trouble
sadness is fleeting/not happiness


fuck the world

love is an honest choice of human connection
a conscious subconscious: smells, sounds, visions and tastes
let that pain remind you
to dream from mind into eye and reality