I've been trying to figure out what it is that I wanna say to white people.

White people lost their shit after the election . Events created under the support of the disenfranchised are dominated by white people who don’t seem to understand the very fact that they continue to dominate space that are not supposed to be about them.
Two hundred people piled their bodies into a gallery space that had a panel discussion on post election rights (immigrant, trans, prisoner, POC, etc.).The majority of the people on the panel were white. The majority of the people in the audience were white. Never once did the panelists, who I later found out were all lawyers, mention the importance of self-care and expressing community within interpersonal relationships. We sit down and talk about where we go from here. That question is different for different types of people. It seems that white people just started becoming aware of the injustices that other people have been experiencing, once a president that could jeopardize their very way of life was elected. The email list at the front desk described the event as an “apocalyptic” event. Who the fuck decided that the world was ending all of a sudden? The world has been ending for a lot of people for a long time.
Where do we go from here?
How many times can you tell a white person that they are taking up too much space
Until you choose to stop occupying spaces dominated by white people.
Use your hands
Use your time
Use your money
Use  your body
Use your resources
Use your rich parents
Use your connects
Use yourself to help somebody else get the chance to thrive

Stop assuming shit
And let somebody tell you how it is

Respect and educate yourself on the shit  you love

- Sarah Gail Armstrong

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