I want to start writing.






emigrant, oregon

 top to bottom: egg sack/southern california, drift wood/northern california, 
pouch necklace made by me/portland, oregon, johanna baker's teeth/cruising in britney

wasting, moving, and shifting
i just want more, but
something is missing.
how do you sleep when you're next to me?
the wind doesn't blow to carry your feet -
just passing the time,
love at the end of the line,
"you are going to be fine,
you are going to be just fine".


We met these little dudes at Euclid Records in New Orleans. They live right around the corner. They not only had warm spirits, but they were quite funny. Both of them had interest in taking photos with my camera, so I allowed them to during the show. Most of those shots came out great and glad that I didn't have to do the work for once, and they seriously took better photos that I would have. It was a pleasure meeting them and I hope they continue to grow into some radical beings.

"This book contains the essence of Lewis Mumford's famous philosophy. ART AND TECHNICS traces the relationship, throughout history, between two conflicting impulses within man: the artistic, which is subjective, and the "technical", which is objective. Mr. Mumford analyzes perceptively the present state of this relationship, with its overemphasis on technics. Finally, he strongly urges a renewal of personal initiative. Mr. Mumford asserts that the present worship of machines and the exaltation of objectivity contribute to the depersonalization and emptiness of much of the twentieth-century life. He asks us to acknowledge the part of life which purpose and value, to admit to existence of man's inextinguishable spirit. ART AND TECHNICS is a passionate plea for man to make the most of his "splendid potentialities and promise." Mr. Mumford maintains that if each of us seeks within himself the seed of spiritual rebirth, we shall reverse the terrifying steps already taken toward world annihilation."