"Celeste Emiko Kamaha'o Rodero wanted fun jewelry to wear, but an allergy to most metals limited her choices. However, a limitation with the potential to stifle a designer became the creative catalyst for her unique cotton rope necklaces. Her pieces fuse the distinctly coastal influences of life spent by the Atlantic and Pacific, along with her tendency to find and gather objects in nature. These pieces aren't meant for mass production. Every stone is one-of-a-kind, and the individuality of each piece a crucial facet to the concept. According to Celeste the name of her line, DIGDOGDIG, “is essentially what it says – like a dog, she digs up things to share [and] digs holes to keep things safe and precious – always on a journey of self-growth through aesthetic awareness.” In reference to her current jewelry designs, she says, “Although I am proud of how I have created pieces that are very simple, distinct, and bold, I would like to advance the structure of my pieces, which comes with skills I must learn.” This is quite a humble statement from someone who’s pieces were recently picked up by Need Supply Co. Nevertheless, Celeste is all about artistic integrity, and feels no need to rush into starting an Etsy account, as she'd rather not rush the progress of her jewelry brand for the sake of business.
DIGDOGDIG is available as an exclusive collection for Need Supply Co."