June 6, 2013 

I was able to get off work early and view "I only want to paint" a short film that looked into the life and work of Tom Wesselmann at the VMFA. It was about a 33 minute film that was followed up a Q&A with the curator of Contemporary Art, Tom Wesselmann's wife, Claire and Tom Wesselmann's studio manager Jeff Sturges. They spoke to the film, Wesselmann's work, and life. It was a very interesting look into such an interesting artist. I most definitely felt more connected to his work, especially since Claire was so open and kind. I was very captivated by her energy and grace, especially in speaking about her partner's work and dedication to his passion. I kept wondering how difficult it would be to articulate the life and work of someone else, and that someone else be your beloved husband who passed almost about a decade ago. I watched her glowing in her all white suit, speaking from her heart and I was almost brought to tears at some points. I would say that art is something that you can just look at and say "I like it" or "I don't like it", but there's a reason Art History was my major in college and that is because, the story behind the work and the artist can change everything. Understanding not only how their work was made, but also learning about the artist's personal life can change my understanding, like or dislike to it. It was a very enriching experience for me to watch this film, hear Claire and Jeff share their knowledge and thoughts. After the Q&A, I walked around the VMFA to see what I could see before the museum closed and right before I left, I saw Claire and said "why not?" and approached her. After I waited for others to say their words and take their pictures, it was finally my turn. She was very sweet and had no problem taking a photo with me. As you can see, I was a little nervous, but ultimately excited to have met her. It was an overall amazing experience and all for $8, basically free. It reminded me that opportunities for great learning and life experiences are always there, I just have to seek them out and DTDT. Thank you, VMFA.