Sometimes you have to come back to places and people to realize how far you've come. It can be beautiful and heart breaking all at the same time.

Sometimes you have to see people for who they are in order to move on to be who you are and it can be tough, but this is a necessary step to growing. It’s a choice to be stuck or unstuck.

Sometimes “friends” don't want to see you shine or be a part of an exchange of encouragement. Call it what it is, make a boundary. Ain't no body got time for that. Let them go.

Sometimes you have to have uncomfortable conversations. If you don't say what you need to, you may never get the chance to say anything again. It's not about the resolution, you may not say everything perfectly - it's about standing up for yourself and not being passive and it’s not about being right. It’s about being aware and using the gift of language. Words are magic.

Sometimes you have to realize your longest friend, isn't your best friend. Appreciate the lesson and love no matter what. Make new connections.

Sometimes you have to be the bigger person with the judgments and disrespect from others who really just hate themselves. And while you may sympathize and have compassion for them, you cannot surround yourself with that energy. It’s not yours to carry, you already got your own bullshit to work through.

Sometimes you won't have an external safe place to go to, but remember you've got your body and mind to hold you tenderly if you choose to let them.

Sometimes no one will understand how you feel, but that doesn't mean it's not real and true. Get it out, write shit down - having a journal is fucking awesome.

Sometimes you have to shift and change quickly to keep up with your dreams.

Sometimes you will have to trip, fall, and crumble over and over again before you can find your steady pace. Don’t allow the spectators to tell how to move, they don’t know what’s up.

Sometimes people will ask questions that are seemingly in care for you only to figure out something about themselves or gossip to others. You don't owe them shit. Maybe just listening is key in times like these or just simply walking away.

Sometimes you'll change your mind and that's okay. Embrace it, say it out loud, don't pretend you're not aware. Change is constant, don’t get weighed down by what once was or could have been.

Sometimes you may be the only one standing up for what you feel is right while others remain just sheep. Let them be sheep. You know you're a wolf and not a bad one, don't get it twisted.

Sometimes you won't have any money and can't play the game everyone else is playing. It’s okay, that shit comes and goes, but cannot determine who you are, ever.

Sometimes all you have is your kindness and mindfulness to give and that is much more than enough, but don't exhaust yourself with emotional vampires and belligerent soul suckers. They are real, trust me.
Sometimes people won't believe in your dreams, but don't worry about them. Remember, haters are people who gave up on their dreams, so why would you care about their opinions any way?

And all these sometimes are a part of just one time, one life, the one time you are breathing, capable of moving, thinking, and doing.

And with this one time of life, do whatever you need to to be true to yourself, especially in the face of fear, disrespect, betrayal, abuse, misunderstandings, because for all we know, this is your only time to be your authentic self. So be it!

BE YOURSELF with values and integrity. Use your grit, you are the driver of your life, not the passenger, not the victim, not the judge. No one else can determine who you are and what you will do with this one life of yours, that's up to you. It’s forever a work in progress. Don’t blame the world, it’s not against you.