rule 983710 to keeping friends : do not use another person's vulnerabilities against them, especially to win a battle of opinion, it is loveless and insecure. no one wins + only boundaries will be made. it is not your job to tell anyone else how they should feel, think or act, especially when you asked for their opinion. opinion's change but, attacking someone's character, wounds + sacredness with condescending statements + "privileged" arrogance is petty + not authentic. respect should not lie in the hands of agreement with others but, rather in your personal truth + self love. if you feel good about what you think, own it, don't put it on someone else to meet you where ever you are, especially with tactics that are undermining + pretentious. true love is accepting someone's own stance, right where they are, "with" or "without" you. don't be a bully, it's not all about you.